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Yamaha Aerox Version X

Yamaha has unveiled the Aerox Version X, a brand-new scooter. The scooter is a great option for riders looking for a fun and fashionable street ride because of its sleek and athletic style and cutting-edge technology.

Specifications for the Yamaha Aerox Version X Scooter

Athletic Appearances

The Aerox Version X is a new scooter that Yamaha has introduced. Yamaha refers to the powerful and sporty body style of this scooter as the “Proud Body Size.” This scooter is really unique because of its eye-catching “X Centre Motif” design. Yamaha calls this scooter a “Heart-Shaking Speedster” because of its streamlined and aerodynamic design.

The Aerox Version X features an intelligent key mechanism that does away with the requirement for a standard key for greater convenience. It also has a function called “Answer Back” that helps you find your scooter in a congested area by turning on the lights and sounding a buzzer. The Aerox Version X is an improved experience to use and own overall thanks to these contemporary features.

Strong Performance

This scooter is powered by a reliable 155cc Blue Core engine that uses cutting-edge Variable Valve Actuation technology. It generates a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm at 6500 rpm and a maximum power of 15 PS at 8000 rpm. Throughout the full rpm range, the VVA system guarantees seamless acceleration for a thrilling ride.

Class-Superior Traction Management

For the first time among scooters in this class, the Aerox Version X has a Traction Control System (TCS). By keeping the back wheel from slipping or spinning, this clever device enhances stability and safety on slick roads.

Silent and Effective Motor

By spinning the crankshaft directly, Yamaha Smart Motor Generator system is a novel technology that makes engine starting incredibly quiet. In order to conserve petrol, they have also included an automated start/stop function that shuts off the engine when the car is not in motion. As a result, starting your car will be quieter, and you’ll use less petrol while stuck in traffic or waiting at lights.

Best Braking Efficiency

The Aerox Version X doesn’t skimp on safety when it comes to braking. With an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to avoid wheel locking under severe braking, it features a sizable 230mm front disc brake.

Packed with Technology

The sizable 5.8-inch LCD instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity is a noteworthy feature. It can display incoming calls, messages, phone battery life, maintenance alerts, fuel efficiency, and even the last location parked by syncing with Yamaha’s Y-Connect smartphone app.

With its wide tyres and 14-inch wheels, the Aerox Version X provides excellent road grip. It is compatible with E20 petrol combined with ethanol and has a 5.5-liter fuel tank. The scooter has a large ground clearance of 145mm and weighs 126kg.

Cost and Synopsis

The Yamaha Aerox Version X, which starts at Rs 1,42,800 (ex-showroom Delhi), revolutionises the luxury scooter market in India with its amazing style, performance, and technology. For scooter aficionados seeking an uncompromising ride, its potent engine, traction control system, connection features, and eye-catching design set a new standard.

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